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Anonymous Reporting
I want to submit a report

Anoniem Melden anonymous reporting facility

This reporting facility was developed in partnership with numerous employers and BN. Use this facility if you suspect that irregularities are occurring at your company. You can file a report by completing an online form with or without giving your contact details. If you report anonymously, we obviously cannot update you on the progress of your report.


BN is an independent investigative agency that always takes all reports seriously. Even if you disclose your identity to us, we will never release it without your permission.

What happens to the report?

After receiving the report, BN will contact your employer who will then determine whether an investigation should be undertaken. If you are concerned that nothing is being done about your report, please contact us again (anonymously) via email. For more information about our company, please see


Do you want to submit a report?

We understand it is a big step to provide us with potentially incriminating information about suspected fraud. If you submit a report and want action to be taken, provide as much specific information as possible. It is difficult for BN to launch an investigation with vague or unspecific information.

Examples of irregularities

  • Theft of monies, goods and/or company data
  • Sickness absence fraud, expenses fraud and financial fraud
  • Corruption
  • Threats, (sexual) harassment and assault
  • Failure to adhere to the competition clause
  • Aggression in the workplace


Before you submit a report, first decide which issues you want to report anonymously so that you have a clear understanding of what you want to report to us.